What to Expect When You Have an Accident under a California SR-22

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SR22 insurance California is issued for those who have got into an accident without car insurance or who are currently on a probationary period in which they have had their license suspended. An individual may have had their license suspended and mandated to be included in an SR 22 insurance program. An SR-22 form basically is proof of liability car insurance that proves the driver has insurance to the DMV and state. Normally the SR-22 insurance in California is similar to other states as well as far as the rules and regulations that are concerned.

Alternatively, for those who do default on their insurance premiums and have their insurance cancelled will have this information relayed back to the DMV to suspend their license. When the individual’s premium is cancelled, they must immediately regain insurance to ensure that they may remain driving on the road. This makes it crucial that the person makes their insurance premium payments on a timely basis. SR-22 insurance forms are there to protect the driver as well as every other driver on the road to help keep un-insured drivers off of the road.

When you are mandated to have SR-22 insurance, you will be required to keep an SR-22 on file with their local DMV for up to three years. If you get into an accident during that time, you can anticipate that your SR22 CA insurance will increase in cost. You can also expect to go through the same process with law enforcement as if you had a standard insurance policy.

Depending on the infraction, you may find that you have to pay higher fees or that you receive a harsher penalty for getting into an accident while under the SR-22. Ultimately, the law may require that your license to be suspended yet again; however, it depends on the type of collision and the nature of the accident.

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