Where to Get an SR22 in California

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Common Question: My best friend needs cheap SR22 insurance California. It’s her first time to get that, since she just got a DUI. What should I know about that? Where can we get it?

You may be wondering why your best friend needs to get cheap SR22 insurance while you don’t. That’s because SR22 insurance is needed for a suspension to be removed. I’m guessing your best friend’s license has been suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), if that’s the case then she needs to get SR22 insurance so her license will be reinstated.

SR22 CaliforniaThis SR22 insurance serves as a guarantee to the CA DMV that your best friend has an active SR22 California auto insurance. If your best friend’s SR22 insurance California has lapsed, her license will again be suspended.

Usually, drivers who are involved in drunk driving violations, or has too many moving violations, uninsured accidents or have violated the DMV rules are the ones who are required to get SR22 insurance.

If you are wondering how long your best friend needs to keep her SR22, that would be 3 years minimum. Which means it may even be longer, depending on her case.

This type of coverage can be pretty expensive. But it would help your best friend to find affordable SR22 insurance rates if she’ll do comparison shopping for her insurance needs through the Internet. You can help your friend with that. In fact, you can start doing your comparative shopping right now.

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